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More than a Century of product research and development has created the current Connolly Leather hide range, each suited to a particular application of brand and purpose.

Vaumol Page

First choice for the world’s finest classic cars


Throughout the golden years of the motor industry, Connolly Vaumol™ covered the interiors of the Grand Marques. Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, as well as many others chose Connolly Vaumol™. From these manufacturers’ very first cars, the distinctive quality of Connolly Vaumol™ made it the only choice. Connolly Vaumol™ was also used in many of the most famous public buildings such as the British Houses of Lords and Commons and graced the interiors of many famous liners.


To this day, Connolly continue to manufacture using these unique production and finishing processes, which were all developed entirely in house. Connolly Vaumol™ is now exactly as it was then. Like all well thought-out, well-designed products, it has stood the test of time like so many vintage and classic cars it graces.

Connolly Vaumol™’s unique combination of patina, aroma and natural grain make it the first choice (for discerning brands and customers). The natural origins of Connolly Vaumol™ are individual, visible hallmarks which give the hides subtle character and depth. The Connolly Vaumol™ dressing and finish enhances the distinctive natural characteristics of the the traditionally undyed leather. The Luxan version, where the grain is subtly enhanced by the use of a second colour giving the hide added depth, is similarly unique.


We have created a range of the most popular colours from the period up to 1970 using our the original recipes from our unique Archive.


There are many other colours of Vaumol™ in the Connolly Archive, that dates back to 1878, and details of these are available on request.

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Monza Page

Hides that patinate gracefully in harmony with the original features of their setting


A beautiful, fine-grained assisted aniline hide. This leather has been designed for clients who want a leather to patinate and present the effects of being worn in. It is particularly suited to classic and modern car interiors and luxury upholstery applications where the original external patination is to be retained. Monza will age elegantly in keeping with the original features of the object that it graces.

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Parkside Page

A soft, pliable and exceptionally smooth hide with excellent durability characteristics


Parkside offers outstanding comfort without compromising excellent durability. It is suited to application in the aviation, yachting, automotive and architectural sectors. The leather is supremely versatile.

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Maserati Page


Developed in the late 1950s

exclusively for Maserati


In the late 1950s Connolly Leather was approached by Maserati to develop a hide and colour range exclusively for Maserati interiors. This range of Maserati hide (FG/PAC) (full grain, printed and crushed) was created using a similar technique to the top-dyed Vaumol hides. Connolly Maserati hides were used in all Maserati production cars including the Sebring, Indy, Ghibli, Bora, Merak and Khamsin models. Due to unprecedented demand, Connolly Leather has recommenced production of the original Maserati range to enable authentic restoration of treasured examples from this esteemed luxury marque.

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MG Celstra

Original Celstra hides specially

developed for MG

From the early 1920s until the 1950s MG used Connolly Celstra in an exclusive range of colours, gracing classic MGs such as the MG TA through to the TF. Celstra was also used extensively by classic British marques including Alvis, Austin, Austin-Healey, Morris, Rover, Talbot and Vauxhall. These original colours have been precisely recreated from the Connolly Archive to ensure that modern Celstra guarantees originality for the restoration of these classic British marque interiors.

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Range Rover

This leather range is based on our colour archive from 80' and 90' and was used exclusively by Range Rover.

Bespoke Page


Hides with a unique aesthetic, feel and colour by special commission


Crucial to Connolly Leather’s longevity has been an enthusiasm for researching new techniques that maintain the exclusivity and prestige of Connolly Leather products. These attributes of a natural feel, appearance and aroma are offered to private clients who require exclusivity and a bespoke specification.


Whilst Connolly Leather has an extensive understanding of high-volume manufacture, mass production and uniformity have masked many of the timeless qualities found in such a natural product as leather. There are, however, clients who recognise and appreciate leather’s inherent individual qualities of grain variation, patina, aroma and tactility. We have therefore chosen to focus our expertise on more precise and discerning markets that appreciate the value of a natural, beautiful and rare product.

Through the Company’s century-long involvement with design and innovation in commercial and luxury goods leather production, Connolly Leather has a considerable understanding of the complexities involved in the development of new products.


Our versatility, expertise and commitment to only the very best have resulted in Connolly Leather being the hides of choice for numerous concept vehicles and one-off commissions. So whether for a restoration of originality or for an entirely new concept, we remain at your service to provide you with the best leather in the world.

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